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Feb 6, 2013 9:00pm PST
, lying in their classroom, all of us 54 days ago watching -- watching those families and only imagining we could be in the same spot in panic running around that park lot and over that firehouse and wondering, my god, my god, am i -- my god. since that day, 54 days ago, 1,600 americans have died at the end of a gun. >> powerful stuff from joe biden. we'll have more on the gun debate in a few moments. >>> we begin tonight with a political fail heard around the world. just before the election dick morris, former political guru to bill clinton, predicted a landslide victory for mitt romney. a landslide. well, we all know how that turned out. dick morris, how are you? >> well, i'm a little battered and bleeding, but -- >> before we go any further, let's watch a bit of the moment you never want to relive. this is one of your great predictions. >> going to win by a landslide. the -- it will be the biggest surprise in recent american political history. it will rekindle a whole question as to why the media played this race as a nail-biter where in fact i think romney's going to win by quite a b
Feb 9, 2013 12:00am PST
preparedness it made us that much stronger. grateful for a good team. we will have a big day tomorrow and i will be on the streets doing my best to be of service during a long, difficult day. >> i won't keep you on the phone because i know you have some sleep to get but appreciate you picking up the phone to call us here at cnn. >> i appreciate. cnn does an incredible job of keeping people aware of what is going on and i thank you for the media during storms for the information that is critical. >> absolutely. we are here to help. thank you, cory booker on the phone with me. newark, new jersey mayor. we have a couple of folks out. susanen candiotti is in boston. alison kosik in boston and karen maginnis is working overnight with me tracking the storm here in the northeast. let's begin with susan candiotti in boston. how's it looking? >> reporter: good morning, brooke. >> i guess it is morning now. >> >> reporter: that's right. the wee hours of. the last time we were speaking with you, brooke, it was yesterday afternoon and you could still see a bit of the grass, a mere dusting, but i can te
Feb 28, 2013 12:00am PST
who was a trauma doctor who took care of some of the young people who talked with us about what these weapons do and how they tear apart small bodies and interesting confrontations between senator and a great and awesome chief of police i thought. really a cop's cop. who knew what it was like on the streets. i think this is one of the issues piers. people say i have an ar 15 and i take good care of it. i say no problem. when you have the dpreef grievance killer and when they are attracted to these weapons and when they can carry clips so big up to 100 rounds that no one can disarm them they can go out and slaughter people. when it happens to six-year-olds, it is time for this country to satisfy action. it is right to say weapons of war. weapons that are r are designed to kill people in close combat don't be long on the streets of our cities. >> i couldn't agree with you more. as you know. but there are critics out there that say no way is there going to be a new assault weapons ban. are you going to take that or do you believe there is a prospect of achieving this? >> i've been
Feb 2, 2013 3:00am EST
. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." >> good evening. on a day of a deadly attack on a u.s. embassy in turkey and rising protests against egypt, the changing of the guard in the state department paused to pay tribute to ed koch, the mayor of new york died of congestive heart failure at 88. he ran the city he loved for three terms. he never slowed down and always spoke his mind. ed koch was really one of a kind. i sat down with his three weeks ago in what turned out to be his last tv interview. we want to bring all of my interviews with the man as a tribute to his extraordinary life and legacy. >> an honor to have you here, mr. mayor. how are you? >> i'm in good shape. >> new york is a fascinating story, i think, because when i first came here, i think in the mid-'70s, it was pretty rough. i mean, i felt pretty intimidated walking around as a young 13, 14-year-old in central park. >> reasonable to feel that way. >> yeah, and it's been an extraordinary transformation, under a succession of mayors, starting with you. when you look at what's happened to this city and you made the documentary as a
Feb 23, 2013 10:00pm EST
, the daytona 500, even run tomorrow? but to start us off tonight, we have new incredible video of today's fiery crash. we take you right into the stands, in the middle of the chaos. watch. and here's how it all started. the multi-car smash-up happened seconds before the checkered flag at today's nationwide series race. the cars were packed tonight jostling for position racing at the top of their speed. they got tangled up. the collision sent kyle larson's 32 car hurtling toward the fence that's supposed to protect the fans. 14 people were taken to hospitals. frantic repairs to the track are going on right now as we speak. we'll update you on this story throughout the hour tonight. nascar reacted immediately to the crash. i talked with driver brad keselowski just moments after it happened. at that point, he didn't know about the injuries. we now know 28 people were hurt, two critically. brad tells us what happens from a race car driver's perspective. >> i think you look at the wreck. there was a battle for the lead. i was driving the 22 car. and there was contact between me and the 7 car who wer
Feb 3, 2013 12:00am EST
. so as to make the arab countries more friendly to us. they want to kill us. they want to kill christians and jews and they say they're going to convert either voluntarily or by force. and that's been their history. so why would we want to jettison, which is really the way i feel he's acting, the only democratic state in the area that we can rely on, israel, in exchange for having the sheiks and the kings and the presidents in egypt and lebanon and syria and iraq toasting with orange juice hagel's appointment. >> in terms of the israel/palestine situation, do you think any kind of lasting peace settlement in that region can be achieved? >> yes, but not in your lifetime, not in mine. i'll tell you why. >> you don't think so? really? isn't that very dispirited? >> you want me to tell you the truth, not just stroke you? >> no. >> there are two people who are quite important in the arab areas of palestine. one is the leader of gaza, who said we will destroy israel. we will never sit down. tel aviv belongs to us. jerusalem, in their charter, they say every jew who came to the mandat
Feb 2, 2013 5:00am EST
's it for us. thanks for watching. >>> tonight, his final interview. >> god gave me a very good hand to play over my 88 years. i have no regrets. >> the late great former new york mayor, ed koch. as brash as the city he led. >> i changed the city of new york. i gave people back their morale. >> his own words, a true american oerm. >> plus, game on. our super bowl preview, the big game, the big hits. cnn's rachel nichols and pat o'brien cover it all. >> also, this just in. jennifer lawrence, wait, she's approaching at high speed. >> that's what i'm talking ability. >> thank goodness. this is breaking news. >> after thursday's electrifying entrance, the two-time oscar nominee brings back the drama and her director, david o. russell. >> i have been terribly blessed. >> and she reveals what she thinks of me. >> we were texting. i said i had to be here. i said, i'm going to be on piers morgan with you, and his reply was, ooh, we're so cool. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." >> good evening. on a day of a deadly attack on a u.s. embassy in turkey and rising protests against egypt, the changing of
Feb 25, 2013 9:00pm EST
's a culture shock. what i liked was he was unpredictable. he did an early song called "show us your boobs" or whatever it was, and everybody is saying, you can't do that at the oscars. he just did it, everyone. >> it was a great thing, and i loved the ending as they paid tribute to the losers. it was something different and unusual, and i remember thinking, i wonder how the academy is going to react, the people who had been nominated, not the academy, obviously. they knew he was going to to that, and everybody seemed to love it. being at the vanity fair party last night, i was talking to the celebrities there. of course, everybody knows there. >> we'll talk to crystal in a moment. it is the party. >> one reason i was out so late. >> exactly. >> but they were saying that they really liked him. they hope he comes back for a second time because they really enjoyed it. they got the thumbs up from the slents from what i saw. >> what was your most memorable moment of the day? >> i think probably the memory that everybody is going to remember, and that's jennifer lawrence tripping as she goes up
Feb 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
. and that does it for us for this edition of "360." we'll see you again one hour from now, 10:00 p.m. eastern. thanks very much for watching. "piers morgan tonight" starts right now. piers. >> wolf, thanks very much. i'm going to sit down with the doctor who tried to save some of the children slaughtered at sandy hook elementary school. also john walsh is for gun control, and also shocking developments about the case of oscar pistorius. on the night where everybody is talking about what have motivated adam lanza, some are saying he might have been obsessed with a man who killed 77 people in july 2011. he may even believe there was a deadly competition between them, a sick competition he hoped to win by killing even more people than he did. meanwhile, connecticut police spokesman is throwing cold water on the theory at the moment, telling susan candiotti on the record, all of it is speculation. there's no basis to the cbs story. i want to bring in javier, a consultant for the department of justice. welcome back to you. clearly, the moment, no one is committing to a firm motive, but the cbs rep
Feb 18, 2013 9:00pm EST
in the lanze home and in particular where adam lanza used to have his own little private quarter said, if you like. clearly, if you mix the cocktail of mental health issues, the ready availability of high powered weaponly, and an apparent obsession with these violent games, that is going to trigger in the wrong kind of person, a very unpleasant situation. >> i think the proof is in the eating of the pudding. when you mix that cocktail, you get often times horrific results like this. the fact is that millions of people watch violent video games. there's a multibillion dollar industry. the supreme court has ruled on whether this causes violence, it doesn't. but as a factor, when you factor it in with somebody who looks like they have severe mental health issues, had severe mental health issues, along with his being on the gun range with his mother, being not only desensitized to firing weapons, but being comfortable with them, and other factors we're not aware of yet, but those three factors, i have to agree with you. that's the cocktail for the kind of explosion we saw. >> i think you have to
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)